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What is a flipbook?

Flipbooks are the newest trend for weddings and corporate events. They offer wedding guests interactive entertainment and a unique souvenir and provide the perfect opportunity to engage with clients at a corporate event or trade show. Think back to when you maybe drew some stick men that moved as you flicked the pages on the corner of a school notebook. Our flipbooks provide an updated version of this using high quality image capture and printing to make you the star of your own short flipbook movie.

How Does it work?

We bring our mobile Flipbook studio to your event where guests record a 7 second movie that we then print and bind into a 40 page book that plays back the movie when flipped! The process of printing and binding the book takes under 2 minutes and we can average about 40 -50 books per hour. The speed does depend on your guests and the number of takes they require to get it right. Your guests, whether at a wedding or a corporate event, will love to take away something unique and personal to them rather than the usual gift. We can personalise the flipbook cover with any message, design, logos or branding and you can be sure they won’t throw it away as it stars them. We offer our Flipbook service in Belfast and across Northern Ireland

Sample Flipbook Covers

Flipping Great Package


  • Flipbook cover with text

  • Standard box of props

  • Setup and take down of mobile flipbook studio

  • 2 flipbook staff

  • One copy of each video printed

From £195ph (min 2hrs hire)



  • Graphic design of flipbook cover

  • Digital copy of all images

  • Deluxe prop box

  • Additional copies

  • Early set up of studio

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