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What is a photo booth and how does it work?

In the past a photo booth was just something you went to when you needed a passport photo, and lets face it who was ever pleased with their passport photo. Well not anymore! Photobooths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and events. And it’s not surprising why. They provide great entertainment; provide guests with a souvenir; can be used as quirky personalised wedding favour. They also offer good promotional opportunities and of course everybody loves them!


Our photo booths offer a sleek curved design with room for 6-8 people and fits in a space 2.3m Long 1.3m Wide. When you book with us the photo booth is transported to the venue and set up by us. The photo booth is operated via a touchscreen on the inside but don’t worry we also provide an assistant who will be on hand to help any technophobes operate it. Depending on your requirements the photo takes four photos at intervals before printing the images onto high quality 6x4 photo or in two strips if preferred. If required we can print some text or a logo onto the photo such as name of bride and groom and date of wedding, logo of company with website or any other message.

There is also the option to transport visitors to the photobooth anywhere in the world using green screen technology. Basically this projects an image of your choice or that of the user onto the background of the photo.


In addition we can set the photobooth up to record video so that your guests can leave you a short message. This option can also be useful for the corporate client who wants a quirky way of carrying out market research.


We have a huge box of props to make your photos a bit more wacky and add to the fun factor. In all of our packages we also provide you with a digital copy of all the photos and can share these via our website or facebook page.


The photo booth can be as individual as your event. Our most popular packages and their prices are listed on our packages section.


Modern touch screen photo booth for hire

This is one of our photobooths. It has a modern sleek curved style and can be customised.

Go Photobooth NI is born with the aim of providing high quality, great service at an affordable price.


We are a young family who love taking photos. We have noticed that in recent years people are taking more and more digital photos but getting fewer printed. While attending a couple of weddings in USA a few years ago we saw photobooths in action, everytime they proved to be a huge hit with everyone, young and old! With no one on the other side of the camera, people are free to express themselves which makes for some really interesting photos!


In 2012 we came across the printed photos from one of our photobooth experiences and it took us back to the wedding, reminding us of that great day. We decided then that we’d set up our own photo booth hire service and provide people with great memories for years to come.


Since then we have continued to add to our services with the addition of our new open photobooth, Flipbooks for wedding and corporate events and our new illuminated marquee letters.


With an audio visual background and experience in event management, company communication, marketing and the wedding industry we believe that we have the experience and enthusiasim to offer this excellent addition to any event.


vintage photo booth hire signage

We provide vintage style signage so that your guests know where to find us. All they have to do is grab a prop, strike a pose and say cheese!

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